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Our Mission

Dan Colby founded Air American Paintball in 1998 in an effort to spread the populairty of paintball all across the world. Dan Colby is known in the paintball industry for helping to establish the North American Professional Paintball League which holds some of the best paintball players in the entire world. Dan helped to esablish this professional league in an effort to improve the quality of the player base in the United States.

Dan has also helped to design, build, and grow over 50 different paintball fields across the United States. Dan lives and breaths paintball and will do anything in his power to grow the sport of paintball but also to help individuals become better at paintball. Dan and his team founded the Airamericanpaintball.net website as the ultimate resource for individuals who want to learn about paintball, getting start playing paintball, and to become a professional paintball players.

Our paintball blog articles will keep you informed on everything happening in the paintball industry. We will also be helping you to understand what paintball guns and equipment are the best for your needs. You can contact the Air American Paintball team by using the contact form below.

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